An Exceptional Nurse

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Books Books recommends the following books for nursing students with disabilities, nurses with disabilities, nursing educators and guidance counselors. Please feel free to recommend a book or submit a review of a book. We need to share literary resources that may help others.

"The Exceptional Nurse: Tales from the trenches of truly resilient nurses working with disAbilities"

by Donna Carol Maheady

They’re strong. They’re persistent. They’re resilient. They’re exceptional nurses. Read the true, inspiring stories of nurses with disabilities who overcame significant odds—managing physical and mental challenges on the job—and continued to be a nurse through it all.

"Leave No Nurse Behind"

by Donna Carol Maheady

Eleven nurses who defied disability tell their stories of courage and determination in the face of stigma and discrimination, proving that nurses with disabilities have the ability to successfully fill the jobs that so desperately need filling.
Students with Disabilities Change the Course by Donna Carol Maheady

"Nursing students with disabilities change the course"
by Donna Carol Maheady

The road to a professional life in nursing for people with disabilities can be a long, arduous one. This book brings to light the true stories of nurses who have traveled these roads.

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"Nurses With Disabilities: Professional Issues and Job Retention"
by Leslie, PhD, RN, CRRN, APRN, FNP-BC Neal-Boylan

This is the first research-based book to confront workplace issues facing nurses who have disabilities. It not only examines in-depth their experiences, roadblocks to successful employment, and misperceptions surrounding these nurses, but also provides viable solutions for creating positive attitudes towards them and a welcoming work environment that fosters hiring and retention. From the perspectives and actual voices of nurses with disabilities, nurse leaders, nurse administrators, and patients, the book identifies nurses with disabilities (including sensory, musculoskeletal, emotional, and mental health issues), discusses why they choose to leave nursing or hide their disabilities, and analyzes how their disabilities may influence career choices.

One-Handed in a Two-Handed World
by Tommye-Karen Mayer
The third edition of the step-by-step guide to managing just about everything with the use of one hand now includes a long-requested Infant and Child cCarechapter, an expanded focus on Technology, and a chapter describing setting up the ultimate One-hander Home.

Great Ways to Learn Anatomy and Physiology
by Charmaine McKissock
This highly visual text is the perfect companion for anyone studying anatomy and physiology. Offering innovative techniques to help students with their learning, this user-friendly, accessible study skills text is the perfect accompaniment to any course or textbook. Complex processes are brought to life with imaginative diagrams and storylines which aid understanding, reinforce memory and also support students with memory, dyslexic or mathematical difficulties. New to this edition is a fully updated section on First Aid, and brand new content on making posters and presentations.